Gruppo Oncologico Nord-Ovest (Gono) is a scientific association of medical doctors and researchers, aiming at contribute to the development of clinical research and study design in the field of clinical oncology. This cooperative group was formed in 1987 with the purpose of promoting independent research in Italy, i.e. investigator- and not company-driven research projects.

Which are our goals?

  1. To provide cancer patients with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic options, in the frame of the public health system by promoting the production and distribution of shared protocols and procedures;

  2. To implement a network including as many centers as possible in Italy in order to share scientific knowledge into a network of researchers to facilitate collaborations;

  3. To promote scientific research through clinical studies investigating the most controversial aspects of standard treatments in cancer, as well as to solve the most debated questions in oncology;

  4. . To improve public services: the creation of a network of researchers enables the continuous update of participating centers, particularly through the exchange of ideas and the continuous scientific training offered;

  5. To facilitate the spread and use of the latest therapies and therapeutic modalities tested worldwide;

  6. To organize training courses and symposia in order to educate and update more and less expert clinicians and researchers;

  7. To facilitate the conduction of research also from the logistic point of view through the development of informatic applications and standard procedures to make the research as immediate as possible, accessible and easy to apply;

  8. To encourage young researchers’ commitment through scholarships and scientific awards;

  9. To disclose the results achieved by recent research to make it accessible and immediately applicable.

In conclusion Gono group has based his ambitious action for almost thirty years on collaboration among several Italian centers, but also some international networks, in order to grow and improve scientific knowledge in the field of oncology.

Our Studies

Here is the list of all the studies that we are developing.